Menu Ethos

Menus are based on three pillars of wellbeing, taste and nutrition

While not entirely departing from the tradition of offering food only based on the medical needs, food is now designed based on the thought that food needs to be tasty as well as nutritious and should focus towards the patients wellbeing, hence there is emphasis on writing menus to ensure they sound exotic, which makes the patient want to try it out and effort is made to cook and present the food in a visually attractive manner

Delivering taste without compromising on health

Chefs are working hard to bust the myth that healthy food cannot be tasty. The approach has been to take perfectly authentic dishes and substitute a few ingredients in the recipes to make them perfectly healthy without compromising on taste.

Fresh seasonal fruits & vegetables at the centre of all menus

Just as any conscious restaurant would have seasonal menu, we offer the best produce of the season and are stressing on using fresh local vegetables and fruits as opposed to frozen or imported ingredients.

Visually appealing food- specially designed crockery and trays

Crockery plays a very important role in how the food is perceived. Hospitals are now stepping away from the industrial SS finished meal trays and are introducing fine china plates, bowls etc to serve food in.


New age, innovative and diverse: In-patient Meal menu Offer exciting trendy menus with maximum choice

Therapeutic Meals derived from the main IPD meals Similar menus as normal meals with diet specific substitutions

Trendy exciting Snack and Salad options Deliver an up-market restaurant feel with innovative crockery

Nutritional Tasty and wholesome: Staff Menus Popular menus within regional preferences with a touch of fun

Fresh healthy: Room service menu Offer a coffee shop experience with adequate choice


Hospital Delicacies


Sicilian Roasted Tomatillo Broth Garnished with Caramelized Garlic and Pesto

Green Apple & Lentil Mulligatawny

International Entrée

"Au Gratin of Organic Whole Wheat Penne & Wild Mushrooms"

Penne baked in a creamy sage flavoured mushroom sauce with grilled vegetables served with Garlic bread & Greek Salad

Indian Contemporary Thali

Bharwan Peshawri Soya Chaap, Beans Singada Do Pyaza, Organic Arhar Dal, Organic Jeera Pulao, Organic Whole Wheat Chapatti served with Dill & Cucumber Salad and Lauki ka Raita

Soft Diet

Three Lentils Khichadi prepared with Organic unpolished Rice served with Kache papite ki Sabzi & Plain Curd


Beetroot & Kidney Bean Patties served with freshly baked Raagi Buns.

Roasted Makhana


Organic Amaranth and Coffee Pannacotta

Selam Turmeric androse Phirnee Brulee

Corportate Bites

Pind Se

Masala Kachumbar Salad

Boondi Raita

Boondi Raita

Punjabi Aloo Gobhi

Rajma Raseeley

Jeera Rice


Mix veg Pickle & Mint Chutney

Gulab Jamun

Chin Chin China


Singaporian Chilli

cauliflower with scallions

Stir Fried Vegetable in hot

Garlic suace

Shezwan Fried Rice

Burnt Garlic & Vegetable


Bread Pudding