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a five-star delight for ailing patients within delhi & ncr

While the Indian healthcare sector continues to grow manifold, it isn’t just medicare that is keeping up with the rapidly changing global standards. Hospitality services in this booming industry, too, are undergoing drastic changes to match up with the current trend of a luxurious stay.

In addition to the opulent wards, courteous staff and technologically sound establishments, the private healthcare units have also come up with an innovative healing process, known as food therapy.

All about serving a delectable and nutritious diet to the ailing, food therapy strives to accelerate the healing process by offering an appetizing and eye-pleasing menu to those who need to pay extra attention to their diet.

Following this idea is Invisible Kitchen, which caters to the nutritional and gastronomic requirements of over 100,000 patients in Delhi and NCR. Rajesh Verma, who launched the initiative last year in June, spoke to Guardian 20 about this project’s inception, the challenges involved, and its future.