Hospitals Meals

Having spent a couple of years in the Hospital industry, we knew exactly what we were setting out for.
Revolutionizing the bland, unappetising and boring hospital food and combating the common perception of ‘Hospital Food’ as distasteful.

Eating is therapeutic, so our menus are designed after consulting with specialised nutritionist, dieticians and doctors. The focus is not only on taste but, combination of a vast menu, soulful cooking and a fine presentation of food in our exquisite crockery to ensure speedy recovery.

We have an extensive range of cuisines for patients which includes Indian, South Indian, Continental.

Special diets like Soft, Diabetic, Renal, Neutropenic, High Protien and liquid diets.

Based on the requirements we have also developed a special menu for international patients

Always an innovator

Dessert Trolley

we can also serve dessert as a separate course so as to highlight the same via a dessert trolley (in premium rooms). This offers:

  • A choice of Western Dessert, Indian Dessert and Fresh Fruit Platter each plated and presented in a totally different service ware
  • Service ware used for Dessert: White Plate, Glass Goblet, Black Iron Pan
  • This breaks the predictability in service and adds a dash of colour

Salad in a bottle

A meal in it self:

  • Convert the humble salad into a stylish yet healthy meal
  • We would offer the evening snack in a Jar
  • Change the concept of presenting a salad from a bowl to a bottle
  • Looks more exciting and trendy at the same time keeps fresher
  • Simple ingredients could be made to look exotic